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Shiny Metal Texture Background

  • With transition effect ppt backgroundWith transition effect ppt
    Res: 700x490, Size: 28.57 KB
  • Light reflection shiny ppt backgroundLight reflection shiny ppt
    Res: 800x800, Size: 58.5 KB
  • Shiny metal texture ppt backgroundShiny metal texture ppt
    Res: 4000x4000, Size: 2.58 MB
  • Gray shiny metal ppt backgroundGray shiny metal ppt
    Res: 4000x3200, Size: 1.48 MB
  • Orange black shiny ppt backgroundOrange black shiny ppt
    Res: 8000x4500, Size: 2.8 MB
  • Aluminum foil shiny ppt backgroundAluminum foil shiny ppt
    Res: 600x400, Size: 78.01 KB
  • Red abstract shiny ppt backgroundRed abstract shiny ppt
    Res: 8000x4500, Size: 3.91 MB
  • Mixed color abstract ppt backgroundMixed color abstract ppt
    Res: 600x390, Size: 81.69 KB
  • Gold crystal shiny ppt backgroundGold crystal shiny ppt
    Res: 2000x2000, Size: 1.22 MB
  • Black texture black ppt backgroundBlack texture black ppt
    Res: 2560x1572, Size: 578.17 KB
  • Metal texture wallpaper ppt backgroundMetal texture wallpaper ppt
    Res: 2560x1600, Size: 491.57 KB
  • Metal carbon fiber ppt backgroundMetal carbon fiber ppt
    Res: 640x340, Size: 54.85 KB
  • Black abstract metal ppt backgroundBlack abstract metal ppt
    Res: 1024x1024, Size: 194.85 KB
  • Shiny flat metal ppt backgroundShiny flat metal ppt
    Res: 1600x1200, Size: 1.13 MB
  • Black and gold ppt backgroundBlack and gold ppt
    Res: 5100x6580, Size: 7.54 MB
  • Wood band with ppt backgroundWood band with ppt
    Res: 400x301, Size: 19.21 KB
  • Black and silver ppt backgroundBlack and silver ppt
    Res: 1024x680, Size: 273.68 KB
  • Black and silver ppt backgroundBlack and silver ppt
    Res: 2560x1440, Size: 755.5 KB
  • Black and silver ppt backgroundBlack and silver ppt
    Res: 852x480, Size: 59.77 KB
  • History paper texture ppt backgroundHistory paper texture ppt
    Res: 4367x2760, Size: 1.64 MB